Kent McCord

I am watching some retro television on COZI TV: It started with – what I believe to be – the first episode of Adam-12. I am pretty sure about it being the first episode because Reed reminds Malloy that he is on his 90-day probation period. As it turns out, it was Season 1, Episode 3: It’s Just a Little Dent, Isn’t It?, which aired October 5, 1968.

I am surprised I found anything at all for Kent McCord, considering the years between the television show and this post. My cynicism kicks in due to the difference in chest hair patterns. I certainly can’t vouch for any of the images; only report what I read.

The interesting thing is that when all these cop/partner shows were on television, I was always attracted to the dark-haired guy.

Imagine how difficult it was to keep the secret of being gay. I had all these man crushes and I had no one to share my secret with. I didn’t even know about masturbation yet!


Apparently, the image of him in front of the car is Kent and his dad; the black and white loos the closest, though the more I look at it the more I doubt it.


My presumption is that he is the guy on the left, but it doesn’t really look like Kent to me. According to the watermark this was a show on CBS, which I have no idea. Perhaps I should be more thorough in my research?

Kent McCord



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