Obscene Interiors

This is my homage to Obscene Interiors, which I discovered a very long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Instead of acting on my sexually addictive impulses when I look at ads, I am going to use comedy aversion therapy by posting a pic instead of acting out. Ha ha!

Obscene Interiors

This was an ad for “TWO BIG 🍆 BLK COCKS (Los Angeles).”

First of all, only one is pictured. Apparently, math is not a subject in which a prostitute excels. Oh, and before you leave your house can you bring your toilet bowl cleaner and bleach ; my bowl needs some cleaning.

Which brings me to your choice of interior! Was there no other room in the house that you could have taken this picture “advertising” you penis? You penis would look much nicer on top of a fur pillow or bedspread.

That’s all I got for my first post.



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